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Types of Companies in Ireland

Updated on Friday 10th February 2017

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Company registration in Ireland

Company registration in Ireland must be done in accordance with the Companies Act. At the beginning of 2015 the Commercial Code was amended and modernized in order to aid foreign investors wanting to open companies in the country. Among the Irish Companies Act’s amendments, one refers to the replacement of limited liability companies with new types of business structures. However, foreign entrepreneurs can also choose to set up other type of business entities among which partnerships and sole proprietorships. Foreign companies have the possibility of opening subsidiaries or branch offices in Ireland.

For details about the provisions of the new Companies Act you can refer to our specialists in company registration in Ireland.

Available types of companies presented by our Irish company formation agents

The following types of companies are available for incorporation in Ireland:

  • -          private and public limited companies,
  • -          companies limited by guarantee without a share capital,
  • -          private unlimited companies with a share capital.

However, private limited companies in Ireland are required to change their status into one of the new types of companies introduced by the Companies Act 2015. These are the private company limited by guarantee, the private company limited by shares and the designed activity company. Being the most employed type of company in Ireland, the private limited liability company in any of its new forms benefits from simplified registration procedures. The main differences between private limited companies and designed activity companies reside in:

  • -          the private company may have only one director and an Irish resident company secretary,
  • -          the designed activity company must have at least two directors, one of them being allowed to act as a company secretary.

Considering Irish limited liability companies must change their status into one of the above mentioned, it is highly advisable to refer to the services of Irish company formation experts in order to realize the change.

You can also watch the video below for more information about the types of companies in Ireland:


Sole proprietorships and partnerships in Ireland

Foreign investors wanting to establish smaller businesses can register as sole proprietors with the Companies Registration Office in Ireland or can find a partner and create a partnership. Irish partnerships can be:

  • -          general,
  • -          limited.

Both types of partnerships require two individuals to sign a deed of partnership. The Companies Act also allows the formation of a limited liability partnership which consists of the structure of a partnerships but with the benefits of Irish corporate entities.

For more information related to company registration you can contact our Irish company formation consultants. You can also ask for our services in order to open a company in Ireland.



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