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Company Formation Ireland



Company Formation in Ireland

Updated on Friday 16th February 2018

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Ireland is one of the first choices of foreign investors when decided to enter the eurozone market. The country has a pro-business environment and attractive taxation rates. The country has signed double tax treaties with over 60 countries, including almost all major trading partners for creating more benefits for investors. The corporate tax is 12.5%, the lowest in Europe and moreover, trading partners can benefit from the Eu member status of Ireland, meaning duty-free access and no currency fluctuations when trading within the eurozone. The Ireland company formation procedure isn't very complicated and with the right team of consultants, your company can be established here fast and easy.

A European Commision study in 2010 ranked Ireland as the producer of the most highly employable graduate workforce in the world. The country also has the yougest population of all European countries, with an average age of 34.4 years, therefore is no wonder that almost all major multinational companies have considerable operations in Ireland.
We cannot agree more with the 2012 statement of former US president Bill Clinton: "You'd have to be nuts not to take advantage of the unique investment opportunity presented by one of the most business-friendly countries in the world, with the youngest, best-educated workforce in Europe." Ireland is a country with a huge potential and more and more investors are aware of it. Our Irish company formation specialists are here to help them enter this fresh and dinamic market. 

Types of companies in Ireland

Ireland offers various choices to foreign investors wanting to set up companies. From the simplest form which is the single entrepreneurship to more complex business forms, as accepted by the Irish Companies Act. Other types of companies foreign businessmen can open in Ireland are the private and public companies limited by shares and companies limited by guarantees with or without share capital. Among all of them the most employed is the private limited liability company because it has the least requirements. However, foreign entrepreneurs can also opt for partnerships that can be general or limited in Ireland. No matter the business form foreign investors decide for, the incorporation procedure is mainly the same.


What documents are required when forming a company in Ireland?

Depending on the type of company clients want to open, the following documents must be presented with the Trade Register in Ireland:

  • the memorandum and articles of association of the company,
  • a list with all shareholders, directors and secretary of the company,
  • a statement of the authorized and issued share capital of the company, if the case,
  • a statement of the company’s registered office,
  • a statement of the business activities and the location where the trading activities will be carried out.

The list with the trading activities must be submitted with the Trade Register through a statutory notice.

In order to benefit from a quick and flawless business registration our experts in company formation in Ireland will make sure all documents are correctly prepared.


What are the requirements for incorporating a company in Ireland?

As mentioned above, depending on the type of company clients want to set up, there will be certain requirements. Irish limited liability companies will require a minimum number of shareholders that is one for private companies and seven for public ones. Private companies will require a minimum number of two directors and one of them must be an EEA (European Economic Area) citizen, but new amendments brought in 2015 to the Companies Act might change these requirements. Both types of companies must have a secretary. While private companies are not required to deposit a minimum share capital, public companies are required a start-up capital of approximately 39,000 euros.

Irish companies limited by guarantees may be registered with or without a share capitalCompanies limited by guarantees without a share capital will usually require at least seven shareholders as it is a public company, while companies limited by guarantees with a share capital will have a maximum number of 99 shareholders.

Partnerships in Ireland are general or limited. The general partnership will be made up of two or more partners with equal rights and liabilities. The Irish limited partnership will be made up by a general partner that will have management rights but will also be held liable for the partnership’s debts and responsibilities and a limited partner that will only be entitled to part of the profits and will be held accountable within the limits of his or her contributions.

The simplest Irish form of business that can be registered in Ireland is the sole trader or single entrepreneur that does not require a minimum share capital and the individual will be personally held liable for the business’ debts.

For customized company registration solutions, clients are invited to contact our Irish company formation representatives.  In order to support businessmen, we have created a tax calculator which is meant to show investors the taxes they must pay in Ireland. Businessmen that need legal assistance or legal representation in the country, should know that LawyersIreland.eu has an experienced team of attorneys ready to provide them with personalized legal services. For more details, you may contact our partner law firm in Ireland.

Foreign businessmen in search of company formation services in other countries such as Denmark, Switzerland, Montenegro or Estonia can send us a detailed request and we will put them in contact with our partners from the respective countries. Furthermore, investors intersted in setting up a hedge fund or any other type of investment fund are invited to visit our partners' website. 

Our company formation firm in Ireland has a wide range of partners activating in various domains, thus for professional yacht charter services, you are invited to get in touch with our partner yacht charter firm in Dubai.




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