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Workforce in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 13th December 2017

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Workforce-in-IrelandEmployment in Ireland

Due to the large number of foreign companies opening subsidiaries in Ireland, the labor market in the country has developed quite a lot during the last years. At the end of 2014 there were about 2.15 million workers in Ireland, while only 0.26 million were unemployed. At the beginning of 2014, the employment rate increased by 2.3% in Ireland. Among the industries registering the highest employment rates are agriculture, research and development, tourism and food services. The improvement in the labor market was one of the factors that led to Ireland’s economic growth in 2013 and 2014. As the employment rate is on an ascending trend, a 2.2% increase being forecasted for 2015.

The Government’s plans to enhance the skills of the Irish workforce

According to the IMD World Competitiveness report, in 2014 Ireland ranked the first with the most skilled workforce and fourth for the quality of educations. The Irish higher education system ranked 15th in the world, according to the IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014.

The Government also invested a lot in developing schemes that would enhance the education system and skill base of the Irish workforce in order to maximize employees’ chances of finding employment. Among the programs launched by the Government are:

  • - the Jobs Plus Initiative that rewards Irish companies employing citizens that have been unemployed for long periods of time;
  • - the ICT Action Plan for professionals in the ICT sector, one of the most developed industries in Ireland;
  • - the Springboard Program designed to retrain unemployed individuals and reintegrate them in the IT, communication, international languages and financial services sectors;
  • - JobBridge and the Work Placement Program designed by the Department of Social Protection that provide temporary jobs to unemployed individuals in Ireland.

Job availability in Ireland

Among the industries providing the largest number of jobs for the labor force in Ireland are:

  • - the information and communications technology sector,
  • - the science sector that includes pharmaceuticals and bio-technology,
  • - the engineering sectors,
  • - the healthcare sector,
  • - the financial sector,
  • - the transport and logistics sector,
  • - sales and customer service sectors.

For details about the most thriving industries and investment opportunities please address to our specialists in company registration in Ireland.

Where are the available jobs?

The available jobs are across of a range of occupations including:

  •   - ICT,
  •   - Science, (pharma-chem,bio-tech, food & beverages)
  •   - Engineering (incl. polymer technology, process engineering, tool design)
  •   - Healthcare (medical practicioners, specialist nurses)
  •  - Business & Finance (incl. business analysts, statisticians, accountants, fraud analysts, risk analysts, compliance, regulatory experts)
  •   - Transport and Logistics Occupations (especially supply chain managers, foreign language skills)
  •  -  Sales and Customer Service Occupations (especially those with multi-lingual skills)


For details about the most thriving industries and investment opportunities please contact our representatives in company registration in Ireland.


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