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Top Locations for Renting Office Space in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Top-Locations-for-Renting-Office-Space-in-Ireland.jpgWhere to rent an office in Ireland?  

When relocating with the purpose of opening a company in Ireland, one of the main concerns of the businessmen refers to finding a suitable office space necessary for the newly founded company. As a general rule, most of the foreign investors are interested in operating in the most developed Irish cities, which are represented by Dublin, the capital city, Cork or Limerick, as they are also seen as the country’s top business centers
However, depending on the specific activities that will be developed here, other regions can offer attractive prices for renting an office, but the highest demand is registered in the top Irish cities. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can advise in choosing a suitable location and may also assist in the commercial due diligence procedures.  

Why rent an office space in Dublin?  

Being the capital city, Dublin provides the most suitable business environment, as it offers a wide range of business activities and investors can benefit from a simple manner of establishing a business partnership. Due to the high demand, the vacancy rate for commercial space is rather limited and thus, the prices for rent have been increasing slightly in the last years. 
The following video offers a short presentation on the main locations where investors can rent office space in Ireland

For example, in 2017, the price per square meter increased by 8% compared to the previous year, reaching approximately EUR 62 (prices calculated for the city’s business center). However, investors may also start a business in  Dublin’s suburbs, where prices are much lower, of approximately EUR 30 per square meter. Some of the main advantages of renting an office in Dublin are the following: 
  • Dublin is the largest city of the country, and the capital city, which attracts the highest level of investments;
  • companies operating here can benefit from a consumer market of 1,6 million persons;
  • a strategic reason is also given by the fact that approximately 40% of the country’s entire population lives within 100 km around Dublin;
  • in order to reduce the costs, investors may also request the services of a virtual office and Dublin provides numerous options in this sense. Our team of Ireland company formation experts can provide businessmen with personalized virtual office packages.

Why rent an office in Cork? 

Another top location for starting the procedure of company formation in Ireland is Cork, which has become one of the main business destinations of international companies. Cork benefits from a steady supply of office space and the prices are much lower than in case of Dublin, as investors can rent commercial properties with prices that are 60% lower than in the capital city. Consumer prices in Cork are slightly lower than in Dublin (with 8%) and the city has a very good infrastructure, with almost no traffic congestion, as it is the case of large cities. 
Businessmen can contact our team of Irish company formation consultants for further information on other Irish locations that can accommodate the needs of various types of business. Investors may also request full assistance for setting up a business in one of the above mentioned cities. 

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