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Open a Company in the Aviation Sector in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 12th September 2018

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Open-a-Company-in-the-Aviation-Sector-in-Ireland.jpgThe aviation industry in Ireland represents a very developed field of activity, which contributes to the Irish economy with more than EUR 4 billion per year. One aspect that should be of interest for those who want to open an Irish company in the aviation sector is that the legal entity can benefit from the low taxation scheme applicable to commercial companies, as well as from the double taxation treaties signed by the country’s representatives, which are some of the main reasons related to the developement of this sector here. Our team of company formation consultants in Ireland can offer in-depth assistance on the tax benefits applicable to aviation businesses

Licenses for Irish aviation companies 

Any aviation operator registered in Ireland is required to obtain specific licenses from the Commission for Aviation Regulation, the main institution which regulates the activity of commercial airlines in this country. The procedure of company formation in Ireland for this type of business is available for all commercial activities, which can refer to the following:
passenger transportation;
mail transportation
cargo transporation
The video below offers a short presentation on the registration of an Irish aviation company:

In this case, it is necessary to obtain an Operating License, but legal entities performing business activities in the aviation industry are also required to obtain licenses for “traffic rights”, which will designate the specific air routes and markets where the company will operate.
Companies performing aviation activities in the EEA area (which includes the European Union and the European Economic Area – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) can directly benefit from “traffic rights”, but routes outside these countries will require further authorization. Our team of agents in company registration in Ireland may provide investors with further information on the main regulations. 

Aviation industry in Ireland  

Ireland has 9 airports and three of them (Dublin, Cork and Shannon) are under the ownership of the Irish authorities. Investors interested to start the procedure of  Irish company formation must know that the field is rather important for the Irish economy not only in financial terms, but also in terms of employment. The industry accounts for approximately 40,000 employees (pilots, cabin crew, and maintenance staff). 
The policy regulations in Ireland referring to this field are enforced by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sports, which has established several institutions to regulate the aviation sector, including the above mentioned authority, the Commission for Aviation Regulations
Other relevant institutions that are established to regulate the activity of commercial companies (and other associated aspects) are the following: 
The Irish Aviation Authority;
The Air Accident Investigation Unit;
The Environment Protection Agency
Businessmen interested in setting up an aviation company are invited to contact our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland for further information on this subject. 

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