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Open a Car Repair Business in Ireland

Updated on Thursday 04th June 2020

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Open-a-Car-Repair-Business-in-Ireland.jpgDue to the large size of the automotive market in Ireland, numerous other related smaller businesses can be set up here. One of the ways to start the procedure of Irish company formation in the automotive industry is by setting up a car repair business, a type of activity that it is well suited for this market due to a constant need of car repair services. Our team of Ireland company formation representatives can offer assistance on the main regulations available for this type of business activity, which will require different permits and insurance contracts. 

How to register an Irish company  

All types of legal entities incorporated in Ireland are required to register with the Companies Registration Office (CRO). The investors who want to start the procedure of company formation in Ireland will need to register with the CRO when establishing the company’s trading name, as well as for the incorporation procedure itself. At the same time, CRO is the main office where companies should submit their annual return. 
More details on the car repair company in Ireland are available in the following video:

After the businessmen obtained the certificate on the company’s trading name, the incorporation procedure for the car repair business in Ireland can start. It is necessary to appoint a public notary in Ireland for notarizing the company’s statutory documents, after the investors decided on the legal entity preferred for incorporation
The statutory documents of the Irish car repair business are to be registered with the CRO. It is important to know that the registration will require the payment of several registration fees and our team of Ireland company formation agents can offer more details on this matter. 
Legal entities in Ireland are also required to register for taxation matters with the Revenue Commissioners

Car repair business requirements in Ireland  

The company registration in Ireland in the car repair industry will follow the above mentioned regulations. However, there are special requirements that have to be taken into consideration. For example, the investors will need to hire employees following the employment regulations applicable here. Thus, the employees will need to have extended skills in this field. At the same time, the company should respect a set of safety requirements applicable to the company’s employees and to provide personal protective equipment
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of company registration consultants in Ireland for more details on the car repair companies. This type of activity will also require special permits and licenses for the premises in which the business operations are held and our agents can assist in this procedure. In case you need other types of services, such as legal representation in a drink driving case, we recommend an experienced team of driving solicitors.

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