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Establish an Interior Design Company in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 28th November 2018

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Establish-an-Interior-Design-Company-in-Ireland.jpgInterior design became an important matter of interest in the last years for both natural persons who wish to decorate the interior of a house or an apartment, as well as for the businessmen who want to have a modern office. Thus, opening a company in Ireland that offers interior design services and decoration solutions can be an attractive business idea.
In this sense, it is necessary to hire specialists who have an in-depth knowledge of the decorations trends that are of general interest in this country and our team of consultants in Ireland company formation matters can advise on the main registration procedures, such as obtaining a suitable company name, choosing a legal entity or registering for tax purposes

What are the main interior design trends in Ireland? 

Although most of the European markets offer the same types of interior designs, each country has its particularities, which are given by the preferences of the local consumer market. Organizing a design project for residential or commercial purposes can be an extensive task, which generally requires the advice of a specialist in the field. As a general rule, Ireland is characterized by the following interior design trends
  • offering luxury products and accessories for home design purposes, made out of iron and wood;
  • offering various styles of interior design – such as contemporary, modern or classic
  • offer consultancy services on the textures and materials that can be used in interior design projects, for both furniture and wall coloring;
  • combining architecture and interior design advice in accordance with the customer’s budget and available space

What are the main services of an Irish interior design company?  

An interior design company can offer a wide range of services, depending on the skills of the company’s employees. Our team of Ireland company formation specialists can offer legal advice on the requirements available when hiring interior design specialists and architects
As a general rule, a company operating in this sector can offer technical drawings and sketches on the future project and full services for any item that can be included in a residential or commercial space (furniture, sanitary appliances, wallpapers, lighting and artwork). Businessmen are invited to contact our team of Irish company formation specialists for more details regarding this subject.  

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