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Employment Contract in Ireland

Updated on Thursday 13th September 2018

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Employment-Contract-in-IrelandWhat the legal requirements for employment in Ireland?

The legal framework regulation employment in Ireland is the Terms of Employment (Information) Acts 1994-2012. An Irish company employing individuals must provide its workers a labor contract within two months from starting work relations. All employees in Ireland have the right to a minimum wage, a well-defined timetable, the payment of overtime hours, parental leave and annual paid vacations. All employees must receive a written work contract that contains the terms and conditions of employment. For more details on this matter, our specialists in company formation in Ireland are at your disposal.

What does an Irish employment contract contain?

According to the Irish legislation, there are some mandatory elements that must be stated in the employment contract. The mandatory information in the Irish employment contracts are the full names of both employer and employee, the address of the employers, the place of work, the job position, the date work relations will begin, whether the employment contract is permanent or temporary, the salary and the date the salary will be paid. The employment contract in Ireland must also contain information the annual paid leave, the sick leave and retirement if necessary, the notice requirements and details about collective agreements, if any. The employment contract will be signed by both employee and Irish company providing the job. Employers are required to keep a copy of the work contract at least one year after the termination of employment.

Types of employment contracts -  presented by our specialists in company formation in Ireland

Most of Irish employees have full-time or permanent work contracts that are signed for an indefinite amount of time and grants them an annual salary and other rights such as health care benefits or bonuses. Another type of contract Irish companies offer is the fixed-term employment agreement that have a limited validity. Employees working on fixed-terms contracts benefit from the protection of the Unfair Dismissals Act. Fixed-term employment contracts have four-year validity if renewed continuously. After these four years, the employment contract is considered permanent. Other types of employment contracts in Ireland refer to the part-time contract through which an employee renders less than 30 hours of work per week and casual workers that also benefit from part-time employment contracts that refers to individuals working less than 13 continuous weeks. Casual workers also benefit from the minimum wage.  

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