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Tax Measures Under the Irish Budget 2018

Written by: Editor

Tax-Measures-Under-the-Irish-Budget-2018.jpegOn the 10th Octomber, the Irish government, through the Ministry of Finance, presented the Budget for the following year. The measures will be included into the Irish Finance Bill and the Budget 2018 represents the third consecutive bugdet following the end of the financial crisis that had a negative impact on most of the European economies. Investors interested in starting the procedure of company formation in Ireland should know that the Irish economy made important progress in the last few years, in key sectors of its local economy. Our team of agents in company formation in Ireland may provide in-depth information on the tax policies available for legal entities, as well as on the tax regulations prescribed under the Budget 2018

Recent economic regulations in Ireland 

In the last years, the Irish government imposed relevant regulations which helped increasing the local economy. One of the main aspects in this sense refers to the fact that the labor market in Ireland is expected to reach full employment in 2018.  Businessmen who want to open a company in Ireland can benefit from the provisions imposed this year on taxation matters (and kept under the new Budget), following Brexit, when the local authorities have decided to maintain the value added tax imposed at the rate of 9% in the tourism sector

Irish Budget for SMEs 

Under the new Budget, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) will benefit from attractive regulations on employment matters
Starting with 1st of January 2018, SMEs operating in Ireland are no longer required to pay specific taxes related to the company’s employees, for taxes such as: 
income tax;
universal social change;
pay related social insurance
This policy is applicable under the qualifying share options for SMEs, which is available only for employees. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can offer more details on the taxation of Irish small and medium sized companies
At the same time, businessmen interested in starting the procedure of Irish company formation should know that the local government will provide new policies for the usage of eco-friendly devices, which could have a positive impact on specific businesses selling such products. 
Investors can receive further assistance on the tax policies applicable under the Irish budget, including on the ones referring to personal taxation, from our team of consultants in company registration in Ireland. Please contact our specialists for further advice. 


  • Andrew 2017-10-19

    I hope that the new budget will continue to have positive effects on the local economy, to further develop the benefits obtained in the last 3-4 years.

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