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Start Online Incorporation with our New Tool

Written by: Editor

Start-Online-Incorporation-with-our-New-Tool.jpgThe procedure for company formation in Ireland was simplified over the years to better address the needs of local and foreign businessmen. At the moment, the registration procedure is straightforward and it can be completed in a short period of time. However, the order in which such procedures must be performed or the aspects that should be decided by the future investors may be confusing, especially to those who are not familiar with the regulations for setting up a new company. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland have developed a new tool that can ease the registration procedure, by including the main aspects investors should establish during the process.


Step 1 of the online incorporation tool in Ireland  

Through our new tool, foreign businessmen can establish certain incorporation aspects of their future business. The first aspect that investors can complete during the first step of the online incorporation refers to the number of the shareholders the company will have. Businessmen can also enter the share percentage assigned to a specific shareholder. Our team of agents in company formation in Ireland can offer legal advice on the requirements established for the company’s shareholders
In order to open a company in Ireland, the Commercial Law stipulates that every legal entity must have a trading name that follows specific regulations (for example, the company’s name must be unique on the Irish territory). Our tool can ease the procedure, by inserting the business name the investors are interested in. 
During the registration procedure, foreign businessmen have to establish a legal entity under which the company will operate (the Companies Act was modified in 2015, prescribing new business forms). Our tool offers as an option the limited liability company and the stock company, as they are very common business forms, but other legal entities are available for incorporation.   

Step 2 for opening a company in Ireland  

The following step requires information on the company’s directors and the company’s business activities. Other relevant information should be offered to further simplify the procedure through the assitance of our agents. For example, investors can select whether they will be present in the country during the procedure (if not, our representatives can  act on behalf of the foreign businessmen) or if they have a business address for the company’s office
Investors are welcomed to contact our team of consultants in company registration in Ireland for more details on our new tool, as well as on consultancy services on corporate matters.