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Irish Manufacturing Industry Continues to Grow


The manufacturing industry in Ireland has become one of the most important segments of the economy as it continued to grow uninterruptedly for the last six months. The beginning of 2016 brought the greatest increase in this industry and highly likely to continue its growth as the number of export orders is also rising. Our specialists in company formation in Ireland can provide you with more information about investments in the manufacturing sector.

Ireland Nominated One of the Best Small Countries to Do Business in


Ireland has become one of the best countries to do business in the world, according to several reports. One of them is the World Bank’s “Doing Business 2015” survey which places Ireland on the 13th position. However, one of the largest IT conglomerates in the world has declared Ireland “the best small country to do business in”. Our specialists in Ireland company formation can help foreign investors to set up companies here.

Irish Real Estate Sector Among the Most Successful in 2015


The real estate sector was one of the most successful industries in Ireland in 2015Commercial real estate was the branch leading to impressive growth due to the incomes generated. You can find out from our specialists in Ireland what were the best regions to invest in real estate in 2015.

Ireland to Benefit from New Tax Cuts


In order to boost investment and to provide improved conditions for companies, the Irish Government pledges to reduce taxes and to increase the employment levels. Our Irish experts can provide you with more information about the country’s taxation system. Additionally, the Government wants to enhance public finances and services.

Irish Construction Industry Continues to Expand


The construction sector is one of the most of prolific industries in Ireland at the moment. Based on the Ulster Bank Construction Purchasing Managers' Index, the construction industry has been expanding over the last two years. Among all its branches, the commercial real estate sector is currently thriving. If you want to open a construction company you can rely on our specialists in company registration in Ireland.

Ireland Amends Employment and Investment Incentive Program


The Irish Revenue has amended the Employment and Investment Incentive (EII) scheme after the changes announced in the 2016 Budget. Under this scheme, Irish companies investing in certain corporate trades can benefit from various tax reliefs. For assistance in applying for the EII scheme you can refer to our specialists in company registration in Ireland.


Ireland Updates International Tax Strategy


At the beginning of October, the Irish Government issued an update on the International Tax Strategy coupled with the first draft of the 2016 Budget. The new Irish International Tax Strategy is very well positioned for the post base erosion profit shifting (BEPS) measures suggested by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. You can ask our specialists in company formation in Ireland for information related to the country’s taxation system.

Irish Parties Propose New Tax Reforms for 2016


The Government is planning to take new measures for the reduction of the Irish income tax after a business group and a political party have called for a major reform of the Tax Code. The two parties have proposed similar measures which has determined the Government to start debating on a reduced rate for income tax. Our specialists in company formation in Ireland can offer you an insight of the current taxation system.

Industrial Development Agency Launches New Investment Program for Cork


At the beginning of October, the Industrial Development Agency has launched the “Invest in Cork” program which is meant to attract foreign investors to this region of Ireland by calling their attention to the features of urban centers. This is the eight phase of the program. For detailed information about the project and all its stages you can ask our experts in company formation in Ireland.

Ireland to Reform Tax Appeal Act


The Ministry for Finance has released the new Irish Tax Appeal Bill which will reform the role, functions and structure of the Office of the Appeal Commissioners, but will also contribute to the improvement of the taxation system. The new legislation aims to create a safer and credible environment for Irish taxpayers. For details about the taxation system you can obtain more information from our specialists in company formation in Ireland.

Registration Fees Could Be Highly Reduced in Ireland


The European Parliament recently came with the proposal of reducing the company registration timeframe. This decision would have a significant impact on the cost of company registration in Ireland, considering how less it takes to complete the process. This way, foreign investors coming to Ireland would benefit from lower company incorporation costs.

Ireland Debates New Tax Incentive for Small Companies


A new tax credit for small companies in Ireland is debated by the Government in the pre-budget discussions.  The new tax credit is expected to trigger the creation of new companies, but also the creation of 80,000 new jobs for Irish citizens. Our experts in company formation in Ireland will help clients to set up any type of company.


Ireland to Review Local Property Tax


Based on the fact that the Irish valuation system is the same since 2013 and property prices have increased, at the beginning of this year the Government wants to review property prices and to modify the valuation system so it does not affect Irish taxpayers. However, the revisal of the tax was only confirmed at the beginning of July and Fine Gael, Member of the Parliament, declared that no increases in the Irish tax should arise. The tax will first be reviewed by the Local Property Tax Authority.

Irish Taxation System to Undergo Changes by the End of 2015


The Revenue Service reminded Irish taxpayers they have until the end of June to participate in the tax avoidance settlement opportunity. Apart from the tax amnesty law, the current governing party also announced its intentions of reducing the marginal income tax rate below 50% for Irish employees after the general elections.