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Why Invest in Dublin?


Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and also the largest city in the country. Dublin provides the most important investment market in the country and the businessmen who are interested in company registration in Ireland should know that the city is one of the best locations in Europe for investments in the field of real estate. Our team of company formation specialists in Ireland can provide assistance on the legal aspects related to the incorporation of an Irish company or an investment fund. 

Highest FDI Employment Record in 67 Years in Ireland


Ireland registered in 2016 the highest employment level deriving from foreign direct investment (FDI) activities set up in this country. The Industrial Development Authority (IDA) announced that one in five jobs which are created in Ireland is of FDI origin, sustained through the assistance of the institution. The level of employment registered in 2016 represents a record within the 67 years of IDA’ activity.  Persons who are interested in company registration in Ireland can find out more details on the employment legislation available here from our team of specialists in company formation. 

Why Ireland Is a Great Location for Cyber-security Companies?


Cyber – security should represent a priority for any company incorporated in Ireland or elsewhere, as this measure will secure the online activities of a company and its employees. With one of the most developed economies in the European Union and in the world, Ireland represents 4th best country at a global level for business purposes. Those who are interested in company registration in Ireland should know that the local authorities have recently opened the Cyber-security Centre of Excellence, a project implemented through Industrial Development Authority (IDA). Our team of company formation representatives in Ireland can offer more details on this matter. 

Ireland, International Leader in Marine Technology


Ireland, which is one of the most important locations for business domiciliation, has recently been nominated as the international leader in marine technology. The Industrial Development Agency (IDA), which is the main authority for creating foreign direct investment opportunities in Ireland, announced that the Irish Marine Cluster received the International Maritime Partner Award, which was offered at the Blue Tech& Blue Economy Summit, held in San Diego. Foreign investors who are interested in company registration in Ireland in this field can receive various incentives for such businesses. Entrepreneurs may find more details on the legal requirements related to this industry from our team of company formation representatives in Ireland. 

Brexit Effects: British Citizens, Interested in Obtaining the Irish Passport

Following the decision to exit the European Union – under the Brexit referendum, the British citizens expressed their interest in obtaining an Irish passport. The wish to relocate in Ireland was noticed for both natural persons, as well as legal entities operating in the United Kingdom. British citizens can obtain the Irish passport under several legal grounds, and investors can relocate their business through company registration in Ireland following specific regulations applicable by the Irish authorities. Our team of company formation representatives in Ireland can provide assistance for the passport requirements imposed here. 

Dublin Port, Trade Increase of 6,8% in 2016

Trading activity in Ireland performs very well. One of the most important locations where import-export activities are carried out is the Dublin Port, which had an increase of 6,8% in its trading volumes in the first nine months of the year. To give a clear image on the results of Dublin Port, we mention that by the end of September 2016,  the total trading volumes registered a value of 26 million gross tonnes. Investors who are interested in Irish company formation in this field may address to our team of experts for more details on how to set up an import/export business.

When to Close a Business in Ireland


At times, businesses fail to meet their purpose and have to be closed down. The reasons vary in accordance with the business choices taken by the investors, the competitors on the market, the business opportunities available in the respective field, the quality of the employees and many others. However, businessmen can also close a business if they no longer want to continue the respective company. In such case, the businessmen can opt to sell their company. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can assist entrepreneurs with advice on the matter, if they are considering closing down a company.

Finding an Office for Your Company in Ireland


With a great investment market, Ireland is now one of the top locations chosen by foreign investors who are interested in company registration in this country. One of the main aspects when opening a business in Ireland refers to the company’s business office. The main cities in Ireland, especially Dublin, are the top priorities in choosing a location for setting up a company. However, this process should be performed taking into account the business field in which the company will activate, the value of the rent, the facilities the investor needs and can access and more others. Our team of Irish company formation consultants can offer assistance on how to find a suitable office the company, taking into account the above mentioned aspects. 

A Brief History of Ireland


Ireland has not always been one of the top economies of the world. Its development began in 1922, when the state became an autonomous country, under a treaty which offered Ireland the statute of free state. In the following years, the local authorities enabled various rules and incentives for many economic sectors, which have had positive results, but only to a small degree. It can be said the first important step for its rapid development took place when the government enabled investment policies which aimed at attracting foreign businessmen in Ireland. An example in this sense is the Export Profits Tax Relief regulation, imposed in 1956. Our team of consultants in company formation can offer an in-depth presentation on this matter. 

The Main Reasons to Choose Ireland as a Business Location


When thinking about opening a company in a foreign country, the investors should take into consideration many aspects referring to the respective economy, the incentives provided to various industries, the taxation level applicable to companies, the characteristics of the local workforce and many others. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer assistance on the main reasons to invest in Ireland and they will also provide representation for all the stages of the incorporation procedure. 

Enterprise Ireland: Research grants, Available for Agri-Businesses


Ireland represent a great business location not only because it provides an attractive taxation system, but also because it offers incentives, grants and programmes applicable to numerous business fields, which are helped by the local authorities to achieve their economic potential. Businessmen interested to set up a company in Ireland in the field of agriculture are advised to invest here, as the local authorities, represented in this case by Enterprise Ireland, provides attractive grants to newly incorporated agri-businesses. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer an in-depth presentation on the incorporation procedure. 

Cost of Living in Ireland


Persons who want to relocate to Ireland or those who are interested in working here for a limited amount of time should first verify which is the monthly cost of living in this country. The cost of living refers to daily aspects of live, such as the price of food, accommodation, education, healthcare, public transportation and many others. Businessmen who want to set up a business here should also take these aspects into consideration, as they will spend a significant period of time in Ireland. Our team of Irish company formation specialists can offer assistance for the incorporation of a new company, but they can also offer more details on the daily life aspects. 

Moving a Business from UK to Ireland Post Brexit


Following the results of the referendum referring to the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU), many investors have expressed their wish to relocate their UK businesses. The businessmen are taking into consideration to proceed to this action as the conditions that are generally applicable in the EU will no longer be accessible to them, which will raise the level of taxation and that will cut the access to various grants or incentives. A location which can provide many business opportunities and still keep the regulations applicable in EU is Ireland and businessmen who want to set up a company here can receive assistance on how to relocate a business from our team of Irish company formation specialists. 

5 Facts About Living in Ireland


Foreign businessmen interested in opening a company in Ireland are advised to relocate here, in order to manage their respective business in a more effective way. Those who want to move in Ireland on a definite or indefinite period of time should be familiar with the local environment, which can refer to various aspects – such as the characteristics of the Irish citizens, their preferences in spending the free time, the way to interact with Irish businessmen and many others. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer assistance to entrepreneurs who want to relocate in Ireland. 

Irish Economy Grew by 26% in 2015, Boosted by Foreign Investments


The Irish economy is even more reliable than previously thought, as the recent data provided by the local authorities is showing. The aspect that should be of importance to foreign investors is that the Irish economy grew by 26% in 2015 due the inclusion of the foreign legal entities as part of the corporate sector’s value. In this case, the rate of 26% represents a three times increase compared to the previous estimates. Businessmen interested in setting up a company in Ireland can receive assistance on the registration process from our team of Irish company incorporation representatives. 

Ireland Welcomes UK Businesses

Following the United Kingdom’s (UK) referendum to exit the European Union (Brexit), many businessmen have shown their concern for their British businesses, as the conditions which are currently available under the European Unions’s (EU) directives will no longer be applicable to European investors with business operations in UK. Ireland, a member state of the EU, welcomes UK businesses, as the country provides an attractive business environment, in a stable economy. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer assistance for the relocation of a company on the Irish market. 

5 Curiosities About Ireland

Each country in the world has various particularities which can be unusual in other states. Ireland also has its own particularities and it is important to know such details when taking into consideration to establish a business presence on the Irish market. Our team of company formation representatives in Ireland can offer an in-depth presentation on the Irish culture. 

4 Reasons for Launching a Start-up in Ireland


Young entrepreneurs who want to launch a start-up may choose Ireland as the place of the incorporation of their new company. There are several reasons which make Ireland a very attractive business location, some of them referring to the competitive taxation system or to its investment policies. Our team of company formation representatives in Ireland can offer assistance for the registration of a start-up in Ireland and can offer guidance on the local legislation. 

Investments of EUR 500,000 Offered by Enterprise Ireland for Irish Fintech Startups


The fintech sector in Ireland, which refers to financial and technological companies, is sustained through a set of measures in this country. Recently, the Ministry of Jobs announced an important investment project, with a total value of EUR 500,000, created by the Enterprise Ireland Competitive Start Fund (CSF). The investment project is addressed only to fintech businesses established in Ireland. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer an extensive presentation on the types of companies which can benefit from the fund. 

Increase of 5,1% for the Irish Retail Industry

Foreign investors who are interested in the Irish business market are advised to invest here if their operations are related to the retail industry, which marked a rapid increase in April. Other industries have also reported very good financial results, as 2015 represented an important year for the Irish economy, with many positive aspects for both natural persons and legal entities. Our team of Irish company formation specialists can provide more details on the local economy. 

7 Tips for Growing Your Business in Ireland


Although there is no perfect recipe for developing a business, there are several ways in which companies can be helped to grow in a faster manner. Investors who are interested in growing their business in Ireland can receive assistance on the matter from our team of Irish company formation specialists, who can assess the current situation of the business and who can propose specific business strategies. 

Irish Economic Indexes Indicate a Strong Financial Market in 2016


Ireland experienced a period of strong economic development, which was reported in many economic sectors. In 2015, Ireland was considered by international bodies the fastest growing economy in the European space, and this could be sustained by local economic indexes.  Foreign investors should know that the investment market provides an attractive environment, as more and more businessmen are interested to set up a business here or to invest in local companies. Persons who want to know more about the opportunities that can arise on the Irish market can receive a detailed presentation from our team of company formation specialists. 

Business Opportunities for the Investment Markets in Ireland


The investment market in Ireland had a significant result in the property deals, which accounted for EUR 600 million in the first three months of 2016. As such, foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Ireland are advised to invest in this domain, which shows positive prospects in this sense. It is important to know that most of the investments in the field were completed for transactions valued at less than EUR 10 million; our team of Irish company formation specialist can assist entrepreneurs who need more details on this financial sector. 

Significant Increase in January for the Irish Automotive Industry

Several industries reported significant increases in sales at the beginning of 2016; one of the most representative industries with booming financial increases is the automotive industry, which sustained the development of retail sector in January 2016. Foreign investors who want to establish a company in the field of automotive are advised to invest in this business sector, as there are positive prospects for the near future; our Irish company formation specialists can provide you with an in-depth presentation on the characteristics of this market. 

Ireland Has a Very Dynamic Business Environment


Ireland’s business environment is thriving, as the local economy began to report more and more positive financial results in various industries. At the level of 2015, Ireland had the best economic growth in the European Union, which is highly sustained by a high level of exports, a stable employment market and attractive policies for foreign direct investments. Foreign investors who are interested in the business opportunities that may arise on the Irish market can find out more details from our company formation specialists in Ireland.