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Irish Aviation Industry, Major Contributor to The Local Economy

Written by: Bridgewest

Irish-Aviation-Industry-Major-Contributor-to-The-Local-Economy.jpegThe Irish aviation industry represents a key player for the local Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The industry has brought more than EUR 4 billion to the Irish economy, while the Irish Aviation Authority considers that Ireland represents a country of aviators. Foreign investors who are interested in Irish company formation should know that the industry benefits from an attractive taxation system. At the same time, it benefits from the provisions of the double taxation treaties signed by Ireland with other contracting states, which can provide a set of tax advantages to companies operating in the field. Our specialists in company incorporation in Ireland can offer more information on how to register a company in the field of aviation

Aviation industry in Ireland 

The aviation industry in Ireland accounts for EUR 4 billion. The businessmen who are interested in opening an Irish company in this domain must know that an overall sum of EUR 1.3 billion is attributable to the supply chain, while a value of EUR 0.9 billion is represented by associated spending of those working in this industry. 
The aviation industry in Ireland is represented by 40,000 employees (the number also includes the pilots, the cabin crew or the persons employed for maintenance purposes). Our team of company formation agents in Ireland can offer more details on the employment legislation
Entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in Ireland should also take into consideration that the country has developed a new area of investments in the field of aviation, which is represented by air finance. In this sense, Ireland represents a top economy, as it is a global hub in this domain. 
In this sense, we mention that Ireland is a top destination for leasing and finance activities in the field of aviation. At the moment, 9 out of 10 lessors (measured at an international level) have set up their headquarters in Ireland

Investments in the Irish aviation industry 

Investors who are interested in Ireland company formation in the aviation domain must know that the Irish air fleet accounts for more than 4.000 aircrafts. At the same time, numerous international aviation companies are operating in Ireland, as a direct effect of the investment policies carried out by Industrial Development Authority, the main institution providing assistance to local and foreign investors. 
Businessmen interested in more details on the Irish aviation industry are invited to contact our team of Irish company formation consultants.