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Ireland’s Credit Rating, Upgraded to A+

Written by: Editor

Ireland’s credit rating was recently modified, being upgraded from A to A+. The change in the country’s credit rating was established by Fitch, the international credit rating agency. Investors interested in company formation in Ireland should know that A+ credit rating shows a stable economy. It is important to know that in the last years (2014-2017), Fitch awarded to Ireland credit ratings that showed a stable and positive outlook regarding the local economy. Our team of consultants in company registration in Ireland can advise on this subject. 

Fitch’s rating scale 

The credit rating agency uses a rating scale to evaluate the current conditions of a particular economy. Its analysis is carried out on a short-term and long-term basis. Long-term credit scale ranges from D (default) showing that a certain economy deals with numerous economic issues, including bankruptcy, to AAA, which is the highest rank a country can be awarded by Fitch
The AAA rating shows that Fitch considers that a particular jurisdiction has a strong capacity to complete its financial obligations and that no foreseeable events will change the current situation of the economy. 
Businessmen interested in opening a company in Ireland should know that Fitch observed positive trends in the financial system of the country, as it stated that the banking sector improved. Also, it is important to know that the Irish debt is decreasing. Our team of agents in company formation in Ireland can offer in-depth information on the regulations concerning the banking industry


A+ rating in Ireland  

The rating A is divided amongst three main categories which can be established by Fitch for a particular economy (A+, A, A-), A+ being the upper threshold of this category. The category shows that a country, in this case, Ireland, has a high credit quality and that its capacity to pay its financial obligations is strong. However, this also shows a moderate risk of being affected by various economic issues. 
Fitch can also issue ratings created for the banking sector, taking into account all types of financial institutions, from private banks to investment banks
Investors interested in knowing more on the Irish banking system can contact our team of specialists in company registration in Ireland for consultancy services.