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Highest Employment Level for IDA's Clients in Ireland

Written by: Bridgewest

Highest-Employment-Level-for-IDAs-Clients-in-Ireland.jpgIndustrial Development Authority (IDA) is an Irish agency that is responsible for the increase of the foreign direct investment (FDI) activities. IDA can offer numerous investment incentives for foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Ireland, being a very productive institution. IDA Ireland is also responsible for the creation of employment opportunities for FDI companies and, at the moment, the institution obtained the highest results in terms of employment that were registered in the last 67 years. Our team of company formation representatives in Ireland can offer more details on how to invest in this country. 

Remarkable employment levels for IDA Ireland

IDA Ireland has recently announced that the employment levels for its client companies were higher than the ones registered in 2016. In the last 12 months, IDA Ireland created 18,627 jobs, thus reinforcing the level of FDI received here.  
Overall, the employment registered through IDA accounts for 199,877, reaching the highest level ever recorded by the agency. 
Foreign businessmen who are interested in company formation in Ireland should know that the FDI carried out here through IDA accounts for 244 investments, while 99 of them were represented by new legal entities. Our team of company formation agents in Ireland may provide further information on the investment legislation applicable here. 
Like in any other country, Ireland has to deal with unemployment issues, but the values are very low. In this sense, IDA mentioned that the job losses for the FDI clients stands at the lowest value recorded since 1997. 

Post-Brexit effects in Ireland  

Following the exit of the Great Britain from the European Union (EU), investors were concerned with finding new locations for investment purposes. Businessmen who are interested in the procedure of company registration in Ireland can find here an attractive market, not only in terms of taxation, but also in terms of the business opportunities arising from the Irish incentives
At the moment, Ireland benefits from numerous requests from companies located around the world, who are interested in finding a suitable European market to conduct business activities. 
Investors are welcomed to contact our team of company registration agents in Ireland for more details on the FDI regulations.