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Dublin Port, Increase in Trading Volumes

Written by: Editor

Dublin-Port-Increase-in-Trading-Volumes.jpgThe Dublin Port registered important increases in the trading volumes, which have grown by 28.8% in the last five years. Foreign businessmen interested in opening a company in Ireland performing trading activities in the Dublin Port should know that the main driver of the trading increase was the export level, which developed by 4.4%. Our team of company formation representatives in Ireland can offer in-depth assistance on the main trading regulations applicable here, as well as on the tax deductions that can apply to specific fields of activity. 


Import-export activities in the Dublin Port 

As mentioned above, the trading volumes increased as a direct consequence of the development of the exports carried out here. At the same time, the increase was registered on the import level, which developed by 1.9%. 
In the first half of 2017, the Dublin Port registered the highest trading volumes recorded in its history. At the level of May 2017, the Dublin Port carried out trading activities which accounted for 3.2 million gross tones of products

Ro-Ro/ Lo-Lo trading activities in Ireland 

Investors interested in Irish company formation in the Dublin Port can have strong business prospects on the Ro-Ro freigh activities. Our team of company formation agents in Ireland can offer more details on the regulations referring to the „Ro-Ro” transportation
Ro-Ro stands for “roll on, roll off”, which is a method through which automotive goods are transported overseas on vessels. In the first six months of the year, the Ro-Ro freight registered 485,463 units. This accounted for a year-to-year increase of 5.4%. It is also important to know that the top Ro-Ro activities were carried out between Ireland and Great Britain, marking an increase of 6.3%. 
Dublin Port also registered an increase for the Lo-Lo activities, which developed in the first part of the year by 1.4%. Lo-Lo refers to cargoes which transport containers and it also takes into consideration the load and the offload of the respective containers by port’s cranes and similar vehicles. 
Investors interested in the procedure of company formation in Ireland in this field of activity will need to comply with a set of standards on the safety of the respective vehicles. 
Our team of company formation consultants in Ireland can offer further advice on this subject. Please contact our representatives for more details.