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CSO: Ireland, Fastest Growing Economy in Europe in 2016

Written by: Bridgewest

CSO-Ireland-Fastest-Growing-Economy-in-Europe-in-2016.jpgThe Irish economy performed very well in 2016, as the country represents at the moment the fastest growing economy at a European level. Moreover, the economic development experienced by Ireland was not influenced in a negative way by the results of the Brexit referendum. The Central Statistics Office (CSO) in Ireland revealed that the value of the businesses operating in this country increased by 4% (the analysis is carried out up until the level of September 2016). Businessmen interested in opening a company in Ireland should know that the increase for the companies was measured based on the gross domestic product. Our team of company formation representatives in Ireland can provide more details on the matter. 

Irish economy in 2016 

Companies with an Irish ownership increased by 3,2%, which showed that the Brexit did not affect the business environment available in this country. 
Persons who are interested in company formation in Ireland must know that the analysis for the period of July – September showed that the overall consumption of goods and services increased by 0,7%. 
The sectors which had the highest level of growth are the following: 
Our team of company formation agents in Ireland can provide more details on the business opportunities available for foreign investors interested in particular industries.  

Results of the Irish economy in 2015  

An important aspect related to the Irish economy is that the economic growth had positive results starting with 2015, when the country was mentioned as the fastest growing economy in Europe. The economic growth in 2015 grew to a value much higher than the estimated projections. In this sense, we mention that the local authorities estimated the growth at 7,8%, while the real increase was situated at 26,3%. 
Investors who are interested in company registration in Ireland should know that the increase was determined by the inclusion of the foreign companies which invested capital in this country.  
Businessmen are welcomed to contact our team of company formation consultants in Ireland for more details.