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Dublin Port, Trade Increase of 6,8% in 2016

Trading activity in Ireland performs very well. One of the most important locations where import-export activities are carried out is the Dublin Port, which had an increase of 6,8% in its trading volumes in the first nine months of the year. To give a clear image on the results of Dublin Port, we mention that by the end of September 2016,  the total trading volumes registered a value of 26 million gross tonnes. Investors who are interested in Irish company formation in this field may address to our team of experts for more details on how to set up an import/export business.

When to Close a Business in Ireland


At times, businesses fail to meet their purpose and have to be closed down. The reasons vary in accordance with the business choices taken by the investors, the competitors on the market, the business opportunities available in the respective field, the quality of the employees and many others. However, businessmen can also close a business if they no longer want to continue the respective company. In such case, the businessmen can opt to sell their company. Our team of specialists in company formation in Ireland can assist entrepreneurs with advice on the matter, if they are considering closing down a company.