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Enterprise Ireland: Research grants, Available for Agri-Businesses


Ireland represent a great business location not only because it provides an attractive taxation system, but also because it offers incentives, grants and programmes applicable to numerous business fields, which are helped by the local authorities to achieve their economic potential. Businessmen interested to set up a company in Ireland in the field of agriculture are advised to invest here, as the local authorities, represented in this case by Enterprise Ireland, provides attractive grants to newly incorporated agri-businesses. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer an in-depth presentation on the incorporation procedure. 

Cost of Living in Ireland


Persons who want to relocate to Ireland or those who are interested in working here for a limited amount of time should first verify which is the monthly cost of living in this country. The cost of living refers to daily aspects of live, such as the price of food, accommodation, education, healthcare, public transportation and many others. Businessmen who want to set up a business here should also take these aspects into consideration, as they will spend a significant period of time in Ireland. Our team of Irish company formation specialists can offer assistance for the incorporation of a new company, but they can also offer more details on the daily life aspects. 

Moving a Business from UK to Ireland Post Brexit


Following the results of the referendum referring to the exit of the United Kingdom (UK) from the European Union (EU), many investors have expressed their wish to relocate their UK businesses. The businessmen are taking into consideration to proceed to this action as the conditions that are generally applicable in the EU will no longer be accessible to them, which will raise the level of taxation and that will cut the access to various grants or incentives. A location which can provide many business opportunities and still keep the regulations applicable in EU is Ireland and businessmen who want to set up a company here can receive assistance on how to relocate a business from our team of Irish company formation specialists. 

5 Facts About Living in Ireland


Foreign businessmen interested in opening a company in Ireland are advised to relocate here, in order to manage their respective business in a more effective way. Those who want to move in Ireland on a definite or indefinite period of time should be familiar with the local environment, which can refer to various aspects – such as the characteristics of the Irish citizens, their preferences in spending the free time, the way to interact with Irish businessmen and many others. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer assistance to entrepreneurs who want to relocate in Ireland. 

Irish Economy Grew by 26% in 2015, Boosted by Foreign Investments


The Irish economy is even more reliable than previously thought, as the recent data provided by the local authorities is showing. The aspect that should be of importance to foreign investors is that the Irish economy grew by 26% in 2015 due the inclusion of the foreign legal entities as part of the corporate sector’s value. In this case, the rate of 26% represents a three times increase compared to the previous estimates. Businessmen interested in setting up a company in Ireland can receive assistance on the registration process from our team of Irish company incorporation representatives. 

Ireland Welcomes UK Businesses

Following the United Kingdom’s (UK) referendum to exit the European Union (Brexit), many businessmen have shown their concern for their British businesses, as the conditions which are currently available under the European Unions’s (EU) directives will no longer be applicable to European investors with business operations in UK. Ireland, a member state of the EU, welcomes UK businesses, as the country provides an attractive business environment, in a stable economy. Our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer assistance for the relocation of a company on the Irish market.