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59% of Irish SMEs Claim Ireland has Improved as a Place to do Business

Written by: Editor

59%-of-Irish-SMEs-Claim-Ireland-has-Improved-as-a-Place-to-do-Business.jpgThe business environment in Ireland is very favourable to Irish company formation due to a wide set of legal measures taken by the local government. The Irish small and medium sized companies (SMEs) asserted that the Irish market has improved and the business outlook for the following year provides a positive sentiment. 59% of the companies which responded to a study referring to the characteristics of the local market declared that Ireland is a suitable environment for doing business and our team of Irish company formation representatives can offer assistance on the investment legislation available here. 

Economic perspectives in Ireland  

Following the exit of the Great Britain from the European Union, the European market took into consideration numerous negative aspects that could affect the business environment. However, in Ireland such effects are not applicable, as 59% of the Irish companies consider that the business outlook will provide numerous positive effects.
At the same time, investors interested in opening a company in Ireland should know that 62% of the companies included in the study mentioned that the business market has been improoving in the last year, thus revealing the economic stability available in this country. 
Our team of agents in company registration in Ireland can offer advice on the legislation regulating a specific industry in which the investors may be interested. Also, businessmen should be aware that a proportion of 61% of the participants declared that the market conditions available for the industries in which they activate have also improved. 

Companies – employees relations in Ireland  

The employees represent a vital component of a successful business. Provinding the necessary employment conditions, which do not necessarly refer to the salaries and the taxation matters, can also increase the value of a company
Businessmen interested in company registration in Ireland should consider hiring employees with a high degree of technology skills, which are now very important for most of the business activities. 
It is important to know that 96% of the companies included in the study have opened a website and that they provide to their employees mobile phones or tablets. Also, the social media representation became very important for a wide part of the companies (68%).
Our team of experts in company formation in Ireland can offer advice on how to start a business here. Please contact our consultants for more details.