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Establish a Subsidiary in Ireland

Updated on Wednesday 24th August 2016

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Establish-a-Subsidiary-in-IrelandWhy open a subsidiary in Ireland?

Ireland is a very attractive destination for foreign investors wanting to open companies. The facilities the Ireland government offers refer to the numerous types of companies that can be registered, the taxation system and low corporate rates but also by allowing full foreign ownership of businesses. Among the types of companies foreign enterprisers may open are also the Irish subsidiaries. The subsidiary is the most popular small or medium-sized type of company foreign investors choose to open in Ireland.

You can observe the main characteristics of an Irish subsidiary in our scheme below:

Subsidiary in Ireland.png

What is a subsidiary and what the requirements when opening one in Ireland?

The Irish subsidiary is an independent legal entity from the parent company and may have a full foreign ownership. The parent company’s liability will be limited to the share capital invested in the subsidiary which is what makes this type of company so appealing to foreign businessmen. Subsidiaries in Ireland are treated like any other domestic entities, therefore they will benefit from the same facilities in terms of taxation. 

The mandatory requirements when opening a subsidiary in Ireland are:

  • a minimum number of two directors, but at least one of them must be an Irish resident,
  • the minimum share capital is approximately 38,000 euros in Ireland and 25% of the amount must be paid upon incorporation,
  • the subsidiary must hold a registered office in Ireland,
  • a secretary,
  • a maximum number of 99 shareholders.

Our experts in company formation in Ireland can provide full details about the requirements of opening a subsidiary.

What are the steps to be followed when establishing an Irish subsidiary?

The first step when opening an Irish subsidiary is to prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company. If the foreign shareholder incorporating the subsidiary is a foreign entity a resolution for the incorporation must also be prepared. Once all documents are ready they must be submitted with the Commercial Registration Office in Ireland. After the Commercial Register releases the Certificate of Incorporation of the new subsidiary, the registration for taxation purposes with the local tax office must be completed.

The video below shows the main steps to follow when opening a subsidiary in Ireland:

You can contact our Irish specialists in company formation for information about company registration and for details about the taxes applied to companies.



  • Lee Xiao 2015-05-04

    our company would like to setup a subsidiary in Ireland. One director is UK citizen (myself), we also need a Irish nominee director, an office address to receive post. All posts need to be scanned and email to me. Myself will travel to Ireland to open a bank account once the company is incorporated. please quote. lee

    Hello and thank you for writing to us. We will be happy to reply with a quotation in private. Please feel free to browse our website for more information in regards to company formation in Ireland

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